The 3d Communication's team

Although it may seem obvious, we'll nevertheless point out that our guiding principle in the provision of high-quality services is above all to understand our customer's business !!

That is why our employees have a wide variety of backgrounds and are drawn from different walks of life, helping them to think "out of the box" !!

We of course put forward new ideas that match our customers' communication goals and their enterprise culture while remaining available to respond rapidly to customers and guaranteeing them transparency and visibility through rigorous and regular reporting.

These are no empty promises: we have acquired the resources to fulfill our commitments by setting up centralized reporting tools and collaborative workflow systems... talk about Internet 2.0, we've been in it since the start , in particular thanks to our two founders, Henri Dirat and Hervé du Souich, both former communication directors for major ICT corporations, who set up the agency in 1997 after noting that very few players in the market were able truly to understand press relations in this sector.

Alexis Noal joined the agency shortly after its creation and, after participating in its growth, is now associate director and chief operating officer.

3d communication now employs 18 people, all attentive to your needs, ready to take up your communication challenges, in the most joyful and cheerful manner, whenever possible!

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