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Public Relations

...or more accurately, communications aimed at different enterprise "publics" or audiences: customers, employees, shareholders, opinion leaders, public authorities, public opinion, etc. These are the targets you must address if you want to control your brands and their image.
Press relations are at the very heart of this communications effort, either in the form of one-off actions (brand or product launch, event mediatization, etc.), or by continued, long-term support, enhancing your visibility and boosting your notoriety.

Communications in-house or turned toward you distribution network(s)

Mergers, acquisitions, changes in strategy, etc., all are opportunities to make statements which ensure that your employees and partners join in your projects, boosting rather than slowing growth.
We will provide you with the advice and means you need to devise appropriate message content while selecting the right media for its broadcast.

The written word

We specialize in high added-value content and will work as your partner drafting text for external print or online distribution.
Newsletters, annual reports, websites, etc., we will cast an expert eye over all your business communications.

Crisis communications

In these times governed by the precaution principle, no enterprise can afford to neglect preparing for crisis communications. As a highly volatile field, crisis communications nevertheless follow certain rules which determine whether the exercise is a success or a failure.
3d Communication will help you early in any crisis by anticipating (which is sometimes possible) and setting up the necessary procedures and safeguards, then providing you with advice when necessary.

Digital identity

Blogs, wikis, social networking... you can no longer avoid the tools and sites of the famous Internet 2.0 ! But do you have all you need to understand and make the most of this situation ?
3d Communication will guide you in becoming familiar with this new media. As a certified training center, we have developed an awareness and training program focused on these new tools, helping you rapidly take control.
We will also include these tools in your public relations program, when needed. Creating blogs, managing communities, monitoring and managing profiles, etc., we can guarantee the integrity of your digital image.


As a certified training center, we focus on three specific fields:

  • relations with the written press and audiovisual media,
  • public speaking,
  • understanding the Internet from a communications standpoint.

In all our training sessions we go far beyond the boundaries of simple presentation, seeking through a special focus to enrich message content and thus strengthen and differentiate the overall dialog.

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